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We offer products, solutions, and services across the entire energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future.

Energize Society With Sustainable Energy!

A Leading Installer And Supplier Of Solar System And Materials.

Solar installation and

You buy your own materials and we only provide the labour with terms and conditions

  • proactive is better
  • lower costs for you
  • maintenance warranty

timer geyser

Timer geyser supply and installation. Once the timer geyser is installed you don't have to worry about switching ON or OFF the gyser it will do everything for you and you will always find hot water. No waking up early for switching on the geyser,you just wake up to bath.

  • optimization of assets
  • digitaliztion & automation of geyser

We Sell the inverter and
Lithium battery (LIFEP04)

The inverter and Lithium battery we sell are of very high quality and has warranties as well

  • very high quality
  • user friendly
  • Very reliable

fault finding on electrical
circuits/solar system

Fault finding is an important thing let's say the system is tripping during operation that should not ne taken lightly tripping is one of the most symptom of electrical problem which needs attention before it causes further damage.

Issuing of COC
(certificate of compliance)

COC is one of the most important certificates after any electrical Job has been performed. It certify the wiring,checked the earthing and etc. without that certificate issued after electrical job has been performed you are at risk. The insurance needs that certificate for you to be able to insure your house.

supplying solar materials and consulting services

Consulting services for solar systems mostly if you are requiring an information about the solar system or stuck in site as an installer we provide Technical support.

  • we rectify the installations
  • we provide Technical support to less experienced installers
  • We also do fault finding of malfunctioning solar system

Lights and solar lights (flood,street, etc.)
supply and installation

  • the solar lights saves electricity
  • Highly recommended
  • They have sufficient bright

supply and install the
solar system

The great thing about solar panels is that they do not require a lot of maintenance. However, still important to get them checked regularly

  • Cleaning of Inverter ventilations
  • Perfoming shading test
  • Cleaning solar panels to keep them efficient always
  • 180 day's maintenance to keep manufacturers warranty